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Overview of Lao - Viet Bank Co., Ltd

Lao - Viet Bank Co., Ltd (LaoVietBank) was established on June 22 1999 based on the result of the comprehensive solidarity and friendship between the two peoples, in particular, the two countries Vietnam and Laos, are a foundation of the economic trading relationship between the two countries.

Full name in Vietnamese: Ngân hàng Liên doanh Lào - Việt

Full name in English: Lao - Viet Bank Co., Ltd

Full Name in Laos: ທະນາຄານ ຮ່ວມທຸລະກິດລາວ-ຫວຽດ

Abbreviated name LAOVIETBANK

Abbreviated name in Laos: ທລວ

Telephone: (856) 21 251418

Fax: (856) 21 212197

Website: www.laovietbank.com.la

Email: info@laovietbank.com.la

Headquarter: Lanexang Avenue, House No. 44, Hatsady Village, Chanthabuly district, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

Authorized capital: LAK 791,357,560,000 (Seven hundred ninety-one billion, three hundred and fifty-seven million five hundred sixty thousand Kip), is one of the banks with the largest authorized capital in Laos.


- Connect the two economies Laos - Vietnam: Become a leading bank in providing banking solutions and finance for the entities who have trade relations, investment Vietnam - Laos, Laos - Vietnam.

- Contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of  Vietnam and Laos: LaoVietBank becomes a powerful economic institution, multinational business, contributing significantly to the economic development of the countries of Vietnam and Laos.

The system's core values:

- The customer is the center, is the goal of business activities;

- Risk management is the cornerstone of the entire corporate governance system;

- HR and technology is a decisive factor for success.

The banking and financial services

- Mobilize savings deposits, cash payments to individuals and organizations in LAK, USD, THB. Customer deposits are covered under the provisions of the Bank of People's Democratic Republic of Laos

- Short-term, medium, and long-term loans by LAK, USD, THB with the conditions, and simple and fast procedures.

- Buy and sell foreign currency at spot methods (Spot), swap (Swap), forward (Forward).

- Payment services, international money transfers through the SWIFT system, Online IBMB, Westem, export, and import financing of goods to ensure quickness, safety, and affordability.

- Issue and pay by domestic credit card with utility services to customers

- Treasury transactions, salary payment, collection and sale of foreign currency, receive and pay remittances, domestic and international money transfers

- The guarantee operation at home and abroad

- Other services meet the requirements of customers

Distribution network:

LaoVietBank operation areas have spread over the regions of Laos with its headquarters located in Vientiane and 05 branches and 09 transaction offices overlaying 8/18 the key economic provinces of Laos, in particular:

* In Vientiane:

1. Headquarters

2. Morning Market Trading Room

3. Sy Khay Trading Room

4.  Donnoun Trading Room

5. Laos - Thailand border gate Trading Room

6. Dong Doc Trading Room

7. Laos- iteck Trading Room

* In Luongprabang province

1. Laos -Vietnam Joint Venture Bank - Luongprabang Branch

* In XiengKhoung province

1. Laos -Vietnam Joint Venture Bank – XiengKhoung Branch

* In Champasak Province:

1. Laos Vietnam Joint Venture Bank - Champasak Branch

2. XeNo Trading Room

* In Attapeu province:

1. Laos -Vietnam Joint Venture Bank -  Attapeu Branch

* In Xavannakhet Province:

1. Laos -Vietnam Joint Venture Bank - Xavannakhet Branch

* In Kham Muon province:

1. Kham Muon Trading Room

* In Udomxay Province:

1. Udomxay Trading Room